It's a formula, really. Take 3 parts Bergdorf (7th floor), 2 parts ABC Home, 1 part early Soho style, many trips to Europe, and a sophisticated flea market sensibility; mix creatively and dispense into the center of Connecticut's premiere shopping destination and...voila!

Transplanted from nearby Warren, CT, Privet has been a star from day one. When Richard Lambertson joined forces with Vol.1 Antiques' Suzanne Cassano, interior design magic happened...and is happening still.

13 East Shore Road
Thu-Mon 11:00-5:30

Collections: Cire Trudon, Christian Tortu, C.O. Bigelow Apothecary, DBO Home Ceramics, Edgewood Made, Elsa Peretti, European Table Linens and Glassware, Libeco Linens, Mad et Len Candles, One-of-a-Kind Antiques & Decorative Wares, Vintage & Out-of-Print Books, Vintage Textiles, Wonki Ware Dinnerware