New Preston Village has extended its luxurious arm around the corner to No. 1 New Preston Hill where you’ll find Plain Goods -‘Plain’ pays homage to their penchant for simple unadorned design, and ‘Goods’ represents the vast range of their products. As Vogue put it, “the tightly curated assortment is the stuff of minimalist dreams.”

The discerning proprietors are Micheal DePerno, with an impressive design and retail pedigree, and Andrew Fry who has worked diligently in the world of luxury fashion. Sourcing clothing and home elements from around the world, they keep a keen focus on quality fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship.

1 New Preston Hill
Thu-Mon 11:00-5:00

Collections: Aesop, Aspesi, Evam Eva, Gallego Desportes, Mackintosh, Makie, Margaret Howell, Massimo Alba, Plain Goods Brand, Rodin, Samuji, Sofie D’Hoore